Adrian Bower

Volunteer of the Month – December 2016

Firm: Cox Bower LLP

Adrian Bower is a partner at Cox Bower LLP.  Over the years he has taken a variety of cases through DVAP, but gets most excited about new expunction cases, of which he currently has five.  To a DVAP client, receiving an expunction means that his/her next job application doesn’t go straight to the rejection pile because a dismissed charge shows up.  It is the chance to restore a client’s hope for tomorrow after years of feeling economically punished in the absence of a conviction.  A couple of hours plus a trip to Frank Crowley make a world of difference to a client and are far from too much for an attorney to give.  Adrian strongly encourages participation in DVAP as a source of experience, mentorship, and fulfillment.  Thank you for all you do, Adrian!


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