Ida L. Agosto-Serrano

Volunteer of the Month – September 2018

1. How did you first get involved in pro bono?

Once I was admitted to the Puerto Rico Bar and began to practice law as a solo practitioner, one of the first things I did was to let know Puerto Rico Legal Services, Inc. of my availability to accept pro bono cases. After resigning as an Assistant State Attorney in Puerto Rico to come live in Texas, I attended a Pro Bono Orientation Luncheon and got involved with the DVAP’s pro bono cases with enthusiasm and commitment.

2. Why do you do pro bono?

Because as part of the legal community in Texas (or in Puerto Rico) I have the responsibility to give the poor equal access to justice. I strongly believe that sometimes you are the one who makes the difference in the life of a person who is a victim of an injustice just because he cannot afford to pay a lawyer, and you provide that person’s only opportunity to succeed in his legal claim.

3. What impact has pro bono service had on your career?

Since the beginning of my career, I felt that pro bono cases would help me develop as a lawyer while using my skills and training, but I immediately discovered something that was more important for me as a human being: that each case would help me develop into a better person.

4. What is the most unexpected benefit you have received from doing pro bono?

The great feeling of helping others, and as DVAP says, “pro bono: it’s like billable hours for your soul,” and I thank DVAP for the opportunity of considerable and significant billing hours.


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