LaVonda Russell

Volunteer of the Month – February 2018

Firm: Attorney and Counselor at law

1. How did you first get involved in pro bono?

I became involved with pro bono work shortly after returning to Dallas from law school. Another attorney recommended I join the DBA and the first CLE that I attended was a DVAP CLE.  I learned more about DVAP at the CLE.

2. Describe your most compelling pro bono case.

The most compelling case that I accepted was a probate case. On its surface, it seemed fairly simple and straightforward, but there ended up being several layers to the case, which created several opportunities to learn about the nuances of probate law.

3. Why do you do pro bono?

There are many people in our community who need legal assistance but lack the resources to access the legal aid that they require. It is a blessing and a privilege to be able to practice law and use my abilities to assist those who are less fortunate.

4. What impact has pro bono service had on your career?

Pro bono work has had a significant impact on my career because it has exposed me to multiple areas of law that I would not have otherwise attempted to learn or practice.

5. What is the most unexpected benefit you have received from doing pro bono?

The most unexpected benefit I have received from doing pro bono work is the sense of fulfillment from being able to help someone who feels hopeless. Most of my clients have expressed more gratitude for me being willing to listen to them and offer my assistance than achieving a particular outcome. It truly is amazing how assisting someone with a matter they consider important can uplift their spirit and in turn, yours.


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